Andrea was born December 2nd 1981 in a lost small town with 1 traffic light (Detva, Slovacchia), daughter of a healthy principles dentist and a frizzy odontologist.

You never go so far as when you don’t know where you are going.

Set in her mind to leave her small town one day, she studies languages which later becomes her life saver when at the age of 16 she decides to rebel against expectation to follow into her parents steps, and leaves Slovakia. She travels for years crossing Austria, Italy and Switzerland and where she graduates in foreign languages and works as interpreter. Slowly making that one step closer to her life’s dream- to travel the world. She considers herself a vagabond traveller with no strings attached, with the only eternal goal - seeking the absolute, the unexpected and the invisible.

How did she manage to support her addiction for travelling the world you ask? Throughout her destinations, she managed to campaign as a model for many of the fashion industries top lines ending up on the cover of for the world's famous magazines such as Glamour, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Fox and many more. She was the leading actress in 11 music videos of the famous Italian singer Vasco Rossi, she hosted on TV shows as opinion leader on Chiambretti show’s for Mediaset, Italia 1 and La7, aswell as many shows for Rai television, not to mention the famous Cirque de Montecarlo and a couple of movies. Andrea’s career was flourishing but not without purpose, all her efforts were always dedicated to her passion for travelling. 

She starts publishing articles and photo reportages of her trips and the causes she followed for various magazines and journals until creating this very blog, a place where not only she can express freely her thoughts, ideas and beliefs, but a place where the reader, the viewers can see the world through her eyes, her perspective. She travels to the most remotes locations, discovers hidden beauties forgotten by the world. She has a talent of finding herself where she is least welcome and rediscover lost causes to expose them as they really are.

She doesn’t renounce wearing high heels in her parallel life but if one must identify her comfort zone, that would be with the backpack on her shoulders and her Nikon in hand, in Asia.

She eats spaghetti with ketchup, double parks, respects the elderly, loves to read, writes during the night and sleeps during the day and is eternally addicted to the adrenaline of travelling.